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Re: [SLUG] DosEmu & Protel Trax

OK. Read the Dosemu Howto. Installed Dosemu & Freedos from MDK8.2 rpm's.
At this point, after re-reading the how-to several more times, I could do a
dir, & copy stuff to/from floppy. Trying to run any program which had
graphics output caused the whole system to go bye-byes.
Figured I had a problem with my video setup in dosemu.conf. But what? The
how-to isn't all that clear, and I knew all these programs had worked
previously on this hardware under windoze.

So I Google'd for "dosemu conf video", and found several mailing list
postings with particular suggestions which made everything a lot clearer.
These are the lines I changed to get it working. My video card is a GeForce

$_video = "vga"  # one of: plainvga, vga, ega, mda, mga, cga
$_console = (1)  # use 'console' video
$_graphics = (1) # use the cards BIOS to set graphics
$_videoportaccess = (1) # allow videoportaccess when 'graphics' enabled

$_chipset = "plainvga"  # one of: plainvga, trident, et4000, diamond, avance
                                   # cirrus, matrox, wdvga, paradise, ati,
s3, sis

Some words about Protel for Dos, for those Dinosaurs like me who've used it
for more years than they care to name, and just can't get the hang of these
new all-singing, all-dancing, windows-based ecad packages.

There is a set of vesa graphic drivers now available. Almost all modern
cards support vesa bios. Even AGP cards which I find truly amazing. Anyway,
they're available here.

I'd like to thank Steve from Airborn for making these available.


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Subject: Re: [SLUG] DosEmu & Protel Trax
Date: 18 Sep 2002 19:36:32 +1000
From: Ramon Buckland <ramon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: amanda_linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Do you mind giving a run down (for the benefit of the uneducated)
of the process you did to get thus far :-)

Would be very interested to know

- ramon