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Re: [SLUG] Lycoris

> On a side note I really wanted to get away from using windows all
> together, and it wasn't until Neverwinter Nights was released (without
> the anticipated linux port) that I realised that my games come first and
> therefore windows made a comeback. I have had a look at winex and it
> looks like it is on the way up, however I was wondering if anyone has
> got a game to work that is NOT listed on there compatible list of games,
> such as NWN...

I use the plain wine package in Debian and it works for NWN (you need the 
latest patch first), albeit at a pretty poor frame rate. The cursor is also 
doesn't display in full-color. And if it looses focus in X it tries to 
minimize itself (I think) and dies.

> Cheers,
> Adam.
> Viva La Games Machine

- Ian, also waiting impatiently for the Linux client.