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[SLUG] Lycoris

Morning All,

I have been looking at Lycoris to try out on my second desktop machine
on my home network (I am currently running debian/windows, however I am
sick of having to reboot into windows to play games...so I am going to
have a windows games machine and a linux desktop machine).

I already have a Debian server/gateway to use when I want to do any
hardcore 'messing', however for my desktop I am more interested in the
look/feel/'desktop' functionality and from the reviews and such that I
have read it seems like it would do me perfectly. ie: has office, IM,
mp3 playing, dvd playing, etc.

I was just wondering if anyone is using it and what they think of it,
any good or bad comments (especially in regards to speed, upgrading
compared to apt, stability etc.).

On a side note I really wanted to get away from using windows all
together, and it wasn't until Neverwinter Nights was released (without
the anticipated linux port) that I realised that my games come first and
therefore windows made a comeback. I have had a look at winex and it
looks like it is on the way up, however I was wondering if anyone has
got a game to work that is NOT listed on there compatible list of games,
such as NWN...



Viva La Games Machine