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Re: [SLUG] Geforce2 MX400 and Linux (reviews ?)

On 3 Sep 2002, Ramon Buckland wrote:

> Hi peoples,
> Anyone here used a Geforce2 MX400 and Linux.
> Looks like a bottom of the range card to me, got enough memory
> for what I want and is cheap, anyone here had some scars 
> and stories with it, or will it be good 

I recently installed a MX440, which is close to the same card (I think the
400 has less onboard memory).  They are the budget models of the Nvidia
lineup but they are good cards for the price (eg mine will run Q3A at the
highest texture quality and resolutions at a decent framerate).  
Installation is a little convoluted and requires the use of the nvidia
drivers if you want to run 3d games (or even 2d stuff when I installed,
quite recently).

The procedure involved under redhat 7.3:
- updating to the latest kernel.
- updating kernel source to match.
- download the source (don't be tempted by the binaries)
- compiling and installing the nvidia kernel driver
- compiling and installing the glx driver
- modifying /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 so that it loads the nvidia driver

So, not trivial, but there is lots of help out there in the nvidia forums 
and on google if you get stuck.

Graeme Robinson - Graenet consulting
www.graenet.com - internet solutions