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Re: [SLUG] Starting programs on console

* Matthew Clark <matt@xxxxxxxxxx> [2002-09-03 20:01]:
> just wondering about how one would  go about starting an application on a
> local console. for instance something like mysqlclient or mutella etc..... so
> that you could access it by hitting ctrl-alt-f9 for instance (no login
> prompt, instead application prompt).
> i would assume that this would be done through inittab, but don't know
> exactly how to link it to the console.....

You could do it quite easily using getty and just telling it
to run a different login program and not ask for a username.
Add something like this to /etc/inittab:

8:23:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty8 -n -l /usr/bin/emacs

The -n tells it not to prompt for a login name, the -l tells
it which program to run in place of /bin/login. You might want
to run a script to set up the environment first, but this would
do the basic job.