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Re: [SLUG] Software Query.

On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 02:49:09PM +1000, Bill Bennett wrote:
> Two problems, actually.
> 2) A friend has some software from, I think, SoundForge,
> whereby he can plug in his turntable to his computer and store
> an analogue file for subsequent (a) converting to digital and
> (b) editing---meaning that BLOODY piano pedal squeak that
> ruins any enjoyment of a certain jazz LP could be edited out.
> (Alright, apologies for introducing coarse and unseemly language into 
> SLUG's driven snow. I was overcome at the prospect of a resurrection.)
> Unfortunately, the friend is a follower, if reluctantly, of Microsoft.
> He couldn't tell me whether there's analogous software for Linux.
> Has anyone any experience of this type of software?

Gnome Wave Cleaner is designed for just this, it contains a few tools for
cleaning up recordings off vinyl:


for general editing, I should probably recommend sweep:


(which I'll be demoing at this month's slug meeting :)