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Re: [SLUG] mdk, winME, dual boot, lilo, BIG Problem

On Sunday 01 September 2002 06:07 pm, you wrote:
> <quote who="Amanda Wynne">
> > Wouldn't the kernel on the floppy be the same as the one on the hard
> > disk, considering I installed mdk8.2 as a new installation?
> If you made the boot floppy with mdk8.2, it's most likely very similar.
> Sometimes the boot floppy images are tailored for 1.44MB and 'rescue'
> purposes. Not sure what Mandrake does here.
> > I also upgraded the video card recently, after the install of mdk8.2. It
> > made no difference to the problem.
> >
> > I might also add that I'm booting to a console login.
> But it's barfing when you start X... I'm still wondering what the video
> card is, because it may be related to the kernel differences.
> > There was also a layoff of about 8 months from the previous win95 / mdk
> > 8.0 to the current setup due to a change of employment, during which time
> > the machine was completely rebuilt.
> So it used to work okay, then you changed the hardware and installed
> mdk8.2, and only then it started dying?

YES. But I wiped 8.2 and went back to 8.0 with the same results.
Could it be related to the Mandrake partition being 20Gb out?

> - Jeff