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Re: [SLUG] mdk, winME, dual boot, lilo, BIG Problem

<quote who="Amanda Wynne">

> Wouldn't the kernel on the floppy be the same as the one on the hard disk, 
> considering I installed mdk8.2 as a new installation?

If you made the boot floppy with mdk8.2, it's most likely very similar.
Sometimes the boot floppy images are tailored for 1.44MB and 'rescue'
purposes. Not sure what Mandrake does here.

> I also upgraded the video card recently, after the install of mdk8.2. It made 
> no difference to the problem.
> I might also add that I'm booting to a console login.

But it's barfing when you start X... I'm still wondering what the video card
is, because it may be related to the kernel differences.

> There was also a layoff of about 8 months from the previous win95 / mdk 8.0 
> to the current setup due to a change of employment, during which time the 
> machine was completely rebuilt.

So it used to work okay, then you changed the hardware and installed mdk8.2,
and only then it started dying?

- Jeff

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