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Re: [SLUG] mouse pointer offsets to right

Warren was once rumoured to have said:
> when running redhat 7.3, kde/gnome, every now and then the mouse pointer
> starts to point slightly to the right of the area that will receive the
> click and it also then cannot be moved hard against the left of the
> screen but stops some amount of pixels short (about 40 i think)
> so far the only way i found to fix this is reboot
> any clues please?

You're suffering from what sounds like a hardware cursor issue.

Restarting your X Server (you can use Ctrl-Alt-Bksp to kill the
current instance, and gdm/xdm/kdm will spawn a new one) should fix it.

If you want to avoid the problem, you'll need to disable the hardware
cursor support in  your XServer.  This is usually done by adding:

  option "SWCursor"

to the video card section of your XFree86 config file[1].

The main disadvantage there is that Hardware cursor support is MUCH
faster than software cursor support - you are likely to experience a
huge hit to the responsiveness of your mouse whilst the system is
under heavier loads.


[1] Its been a long time since I had to do this - I might have the
    option's name wrong - when in doubt, read the readme files - it is
    mentioned in there.
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