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[SLUG] Fighting spam for me dear old Dad.


My father (aged 84) has recently started using my brother's computer for
email. Unfortunately he get lots of spam, which upsets him somewhat, but
he still wants to press ahead with this newfangled idea. (Brother is

So I've got him an alias with the ISP, and have started the following
scenario (in theory):

dad_1@his_isp.com.au  mail comes to me via fetchmail.  Procmail invokes
Spamassassin, which does its does its job, sending his spam along with
the spam directed to me to a spam/ directory. Any mail which survives
this is then dealt with again by Procmail. Procmail redirects all mail
^TO_dad_1 to dad_2 @ his_isp.com .

Trouble is, the system is only half working. While lots of his spam _is_
assassinated, as much gets through.

I've put the rule to forward mail to dad_1 to dad_2 last. 

Any ideas how I should be going about this?