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Re: [SLUG] mouse pointer offsets to right

On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 03:24:56PM +1000, Warren wrote:
> when running redhat 7.3, kde/gnome, every now and then the mouse pointer
> starts to point slightly to the right of the area that will receive the
> click and it also then cannot be moved hard against the left of the
> screen but stops some amount of pixels short (about 40 i think)
> so far the only way i found to fix this is reboot
> any clues please?

is it an intellimouse? those things go screwy sometimes. [it may be a
hardware problem -- have you tried a different mouse?]

does switching to a different virtual console (Ctl+Alt+F1) and back to
X (Ctl+Alt+F7) fix it? [sometimes this resets the input device to a known

I had a similar problem with a mouse last week but it just turned out to
be some dirt on the rollers.