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Re: [SLUG] ask fetchmail(domain for sender address)

On Wed, 2002-06-05 at 11:59, henry wrote:
> I used "fetchmail -p POP3 zinwell.com.tw" to fetch my mails from mail-server (zinwell.com.tw)
> but I get message as follows:
> 2 messages for henry at zinwell.com.tw (1257 octets).
> reading message 1 of 2 (632 octets)
> fetchmail: SMTP connect to localhost failed

The first thing fetchmail does is try to connect to a mail server you're
running locally.  This message means it can't find one.  You don't have
a mail server (like sendmail) installed, or it's not running.

> fetchmail: can't raise the listener;
>  falling back to $procmail -d %Tsh: -d: command not found 

The next thing it tries to do is give the mail directly to a delivery
agent.  The default is procmail.  I'm guessing you're getting this
because procmail also isn't installed, or it isn't in your path.

> fetchmail: SIGPIPE thrown from an MDA or a stream socket error
> fetchmail: socket error while fetching from zinwell.com.tw
> fetchmail: Query status=2 (SOCKET)
> fetchmail: terminated with signal 13
> But it's quite normal to read these 2 msgs from OutLook(Win98).
> Could you give some advice to analysis the error-report ?

Fetchmail is getting mail from the remote server OK, but it runs out of
ways to deliver it.  Probably the easiest way to solve would be to
install procmail.


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