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Re: [SLUG] Exchange Replacements

<quote who="Dan Treacy">

> I'm looking for suggestions/experiences in tersm of replacing exchange.

Samsung Contact <http://www.samsungcontact.com/>

  They licenced HP OpenMail, cranked up the price, and put pictures of
  people looking remarkably bored with life on their website. Solid
  software, but far easier to manage with the Windows admin client than on
  the command line. Instead of having a sensible configuration file, they
  have a ton of crazy configuration utility executables lying around.

Bynari InsightServer <http://www.bynari.net/>

  Their first webpage was a very obvious rip of both apple.com and the old
  helixcode.com sites, their server-side software gained community
  recognition with the Largo install, but I'm still pretty suspicious of the
  whole thing. :-)

Joydesk <http://www.joydesk.com/>

  45 degree angle wedge images on your website are the new pink! No
  experience with the company or software before, just heard about them.

- Jeff

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