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RE: [SLUG] List of available packages : Debian

A long similar lines, I have just installed my first Debian install

with redhat you could query the db to see what package a file belonged to

rpm -qf /etc/sendmail.cf

is there a similar tool under Debian

Also how do I go about changing the hostname of the machine, including the

Can I just change the /etc/hostname or should that only be the hostname part
or do I change /etc/hosts


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> Hi peoples,
> Is there a way ( and I assume so. ) to browse the list of
> the available packages in Debian (from the /var/lib/dpkg/available)
> Without doing my current method of 'less /var/lib/dpkg/available' :-)
> I thinking of maybe a search/query tool in maybe console and or X
> format.

apt-cache search XXXXX

Where XXXX is a keyword.

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