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Re[2]: [SLUG] Using multi port ethernet pci card to create ''VLANS"

Hello Chris,

Intel make dual/quad cards, and they use the normal intel driver and
works fine as far as I can tell...

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Friday, May 31, 2002, 3:14:34 PM, you wrote:

CB> Sun Microsystems have a piece of hardware called a Quad Fast ethernet
CB> interface...basically its 4x100megabit ethernet nics in 1 pci card. I have
CB> no idea if it would work in a standard pc but i dont see why not because its
CB> just a pci device. I also dont know if there would be a driver for it for
CB> linux but i dont see why not.
CB> The other problem is that the card might be pricy. I havent seen them for
CB> sale seperately, i've only seen them in Sun Ultra 10's
CB> Try looking on e-bay for a cheap Quad Fast, then do some research to see how
CB> compatible it is in a standard pc, and look for a linux driver. Google
CB> should be a good place to find out how compatible the Quad Fast is with a
CB> standard pc and would also help you find a linux driver for it.
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CB> Subject: [SLUG] Using multi port ethernet pci card to create ''VLANS"

>> Dear list,
>> Does anyone know a multiport ethernet that does not act as a switch/hub.
>> What I am trying to do to use the Linux box to phyically join a network
>> without purchasing a managed switch but keeping the various segments
CB> private.
>> eg Router ->Linux box  -> port1 192.168.0.x -> port 2 -> port
CB> 3
>> 192.168.2.x  etc
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