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RE: [SLUG] SpamAssassin

On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 14:49, Steven Evans wrote:
> Hey guys
> How does one get spamassasin to work with sendmail?  There are docs with
> Procmail and a pluggin for Qmail, but no mention of sendmail anywhere.

This /etc/procmailrc works for me (6+ domains)

It checks the inbound mail and if its spam, forwards it to a specific
user account, otherwise it goes to the users Maildir (~/Maildir) unless
they have a procmail rulebase setup (in which case it falls through to


* !^X-Loop: spamchecked
| spamc

* ^Subject:.*\*\*\*\*SPAM\*\*\*\*
* !^X-Loop: spamchecked
| formail -A "X-Loop: spamchecked" | \
/usr/sbin/sendmail -oi tgreen@xxxxxxxxxxx

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