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Re: [SLUG] I am having TELNET problem in RedHat Linux 7.2

On Mon, 27 May 2002, Matthew Hannigan wrote:

> Zhasper wrote:
> > Quite possibly, while installing Redhat, you chose to set up a firewall..
> >
> > Try running firewall-config and turning all the firewalling off...
> >
> Eek!

As a trouble-shooting measure only, of course! If turning it off lets
telnet work, you can go back and put the firewalling on.. but at least now
you know it's definitely the firewall, and you can work on it from there..

I wouldn't normally recoommend that, but considering it's just two
machines connected by a crossover, no live interfaces lying around, I
can't see the security risk being too high..