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RE: [SLUG] Transfer Users

Thanks all,
What I ended up doing was to use Webmins add user facility.
load both the passwd file and the shadow file into Excel, delete unwanted
users and then inserted the encrypted passwords into the second column in
the passwd file using cut and paste, added five dummy columns at the end of
each row containg zz in each cell, inserted a column at the beginnin with
'create' in each cell. Added the group Staff to my server, deleted all the
exisiting UID's and replaced them with 'zz', replaced all the exisiting
GID's with the GID for the group staff. Saved that as csv file, loaded it
into NoteTab Light, replaced all the , with : then replaced all the zz with

Used Webmin and 'add users from a batch file' and bingo all users created,
including Home directoires etc as well as updating the Samba users at the
same time.

Total time about 10 minutes, once I had worked out the process.

I thought about just copying the files and directories but that was a
problem (for me anyway) as they are on different servers and I was not sure
how to copy the directories and preserve permissions. Also this gave me a
chance to put all the users into a Staff group and eleiminate all the
individual groups that I had created when using 'useradd'.


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> Simon,
>            I have about 60 users on my system and have upgraded the main
> hard drive twice. Both times I simply copied the
> /etc/passwd file and the /etc/group files over first. When I copy
> the /home
> directory accross and any other directory the users use I make
> sure the copy
> is with permissions and owner preserved.
> This works for me.
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> Subject: [SLUG] Transfer Users
> > Sent this last night, hasn't appeared. I think I may have had rtf format
> > set.
> >
> > Hi all,
> > The last remaining task in changin from Mandrake 6 to a new server with
> > RH7.2 is to transfer the users.
> > I have a system for transferring the users using a file and
> Webmin's bulk
> > adduser routine, which I have used in the past. However this time I need
> to
> > transfer the passwords as well, once I have created the users
> can I simply
> > copy over the shadow password file, or should I do it first, or
> won't that
> > work at all.
> >
> > Any advice appreciated,
> > Cheers
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