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Re: [SLUG] Transfer Users

           I have about 60 users on my system and have upgraded the main
hard drive twice. Both times I simply copied the
/etc/passwd file and the /etc/group files over first. When I copy the /home
directory accross and any other directory the users use I make sure the copy
is with permissions and owner preserved.
This works for me.

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Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 8:32 AM
Subject: [SLUG] Transfer Users

> Sent this last night, hasn't appeared. I think I may have had rtf format
> set.
> Hi all,
> The last remaining task in changin from Mandrake 6 to a new server with
> RH7.2 is to transfer the users.
> I have a system for transferring the users using a file and Webmin's bulk
> adduser routine, which I have used in the past. However this time I need
> transfer the passwords as well, once I have created the users can I simply
> copy over the shadow password file, or should I do it first, or won't that
> work at all.
> Any advice appreciated,
> Cheers
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