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[SLUG] Re: Distributed email idea - opinions?

At 16 May 2002 12:03:16 +1000, Grant Parnell wrote:
> However, evolution is looking good in this respect, I don't know if
> other IMAP emailers keep local copies of the folders but the concept
> seems to have merit in that deleted/updated messages could be
> handled well when working in an offline situation.

wanderlust does this (well) also, which is my primary reason for
liking it.

"disconnected IMAP" is even described in some detail in the IMAP RFC.

BB: IMAP is what you are looking for. you can download individual mime
pieces individually, just headers, mark messages as "answered" or
"important", create folders, move messages between them, save (upload)
new messages into them, etc. Its basically the mail api you would use
inside a mail client, except sent over the network.

 - Gus