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RE: [SLUG] hello

that the crap is this guy talking about?
this guy obviously has no idea what the slug list is all aboot.

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it?s probably apparent from the start that I am not
what you?d call a great e-chat expert ? I managed to
find my way onto your system by complete mistake. you
might not want someone rambling on with sing along
words got nothing to do with linux, or any other
programming language. maybe I do ? my language is the
language used to program superior computers the world
over, and is the most basic mainframe in existence.
the hardware, while it undergoes the constant updates
of all good evolutionary systems, is and has been
cutting edge technology for quite some time. some say
that is has inherent weakness? built in (conspiracy
theories abound, suggesting that the designer, in a
move of original forethought, set flaws in place to
ensure future employment and income. however, I
completely dispute and disbelieve such claims,
treating them as arrant nonsense). the computers I
work with, though they may appear to display
occasional inconsistencies, may be the occasional glip
or glop ? such things seem inconsistent only from one
perspective. I believe these computers to be perfect,
as far as anything I have seen can hold such a large
and well worn claim. 
They boast fibre optics (and did so before the term
held any meaning of significance) and cable free
communication ? blue tooth doesn?t hold a shard to
them. completely mobile, they survive the knocks and
bumps the world throws at them through a regenerative
device programmed in the foundational infrastructure
and running full time background in the
superstructure. as I do not want to cause any sense of
panic, I will refrain from detailing their
manipulative skills, which are needless to say,
it is often said that the great test of AI will be
seen with creativity. while a chess game may be
memorised, a creative work requires independent
thought. If these computers do not posses their own
creative ability, they are creative enough to express
the belief that they are creating. It may well be
argued that they do not, strictly speaking, display
artificial intelligence, as their actions are dictated
by programming, and that they simply choose from a
pool of options. however they create a sense, a belief
of creation, and this must form the first level of AI.

I digress ? it is easy when dealing with such
language, with such completely masterful technology. 
before ? and even if I don?t go any further ? it is
imperative that we all understand I am far from a
master programmer myself. I merely work with these
machines, paly with the language and boggle at the
potential. I have not yet made a meeting with the
designer, though I often send messages and get various
replies. with such a big organisation (for these
computers have made an extensive impact in their
release so far) there are many means of communication,
and many, if not all of these means are used before
the personal meeting is undertaken.
meanwhile I am awed, floored flawed in my
understanding of all that is around me. still I
struggle on ? who wouldn?t? you can believe me as you
would believe your own hands, these creations are
miraculous stupendous and in every way immaculate.
for now enough ? slugs, does this sit easy with your
chat environment? or do you like to talk only of your
machine code dilemmas? I leave it to you
peace will

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