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[SLUG] Free labour on offer....

Hello all,

I have been on this list a while and am a (trying to be) active member. I am
working for a big IT outsourcing company and am stuck here for at least
another 1 1/2 years (don't ask, its all yuck). Unfortunately the company is
a microsoft partner, and any attempts I've made to do interesting work has
been squashed. I've managed get them interested in Netsaint, which was lots
of fun (fighting against the grain for them, it was uphill to start to say
the least) to implement, but I have been told that I'm not allowed to join
the midrange (unix) team (who are incidentely in canberra, but I would
rather get to do stuff I love and live in a crappy Canberra than not <grin>)
until I get my MCSE. 

Yep, it all ugly.

Anyway, I am probably about 6 months off that, due to travel I am
undertaking between now and then.

I wish to beg and plead of people, that if they want a spare set of hands on
any projects/interesting things/fests/anything involving practical work with
linux/unix, that they consider allowing me to come along to learn. I am
_not_ looking for paid work, and  unfortunately my time is taken up 9-5
mon-friday. I am willing and eager to shift around almost everything else in
my life. I merely wish to start getting some real world experience and
unfortunately currently have my hands tied in my job. I am very keen to get
into  backend/security/networking/admin/monitoring type stuff. I wish to
later on, work exclusively with opensource and learn some languages in
detail (I can only do basic scripts and such now). My lifestyle till now has
simply been too limited in time (mainly due to my workaholic urges and some
indecision as to direction), but I learn quickly once put in a situation.

Hoping this doesn't sound too desperate (I throw myself at the feet of SLUG
<grin>) and I suppose to an extent it is desperate. I _need_ so much to
start getting into this field, I am sick to death of what i do and am stuck
here because I am the best they have. Which is really sad when people have
been doing this for 3-6 years and they still do a sloppy job. I am really
keen to learn anything that people are willing to teach me. 

Thanks all for your attention,

Pia Smith