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Re: [SLUG] Pacific Internet ADSL

Just reading on whirlpool forums Pacific are closing down ports on there
Home ADSL service

Gday All.

Most known service ports under 1024 are blocked. This includes inbound tcp
connections to ports 21, 22, 23, 25, 53, 80, 110, 6667, etc. This does not
affect those people wishing to run a VPN client, and it does not affect any
P2P apps like kazaa, gnutella, audiogalaxy etc.

I can confirm that none of these P2P services are throttled in any way, we
have tested all of them, and they work just fine thank you :)

Hope that clears things up

- Pacific Internet

Brett Jones
Management Computer Services Pty Ltd
Phone: 07 4125 5503
Mobile: 0417 602 971
E-mail: manage@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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<quote who="Matt Hyne">

> Is anyone running Pacific Internet ADSL ?

--> Reply-To set to slug-chat. More appropriate there.

> I am tossing around a few ADSL providers looking for the ones with good
> rates vs good performance.

I've had good experiences with Pacific Business ADSL and now Home ADSL,
although their sales and provisioning departments could learn a thing or two
from their tech and support departments.

- Jeff

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