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Re: [SLUG] Committee meeting minutes - 30th April

On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 02:36:07PM +1000, Peter Hardy wrote:
> Special Interest Groups:
>         -> Jeff to draft apology letter on behalf of the committe to
>            LinuxChix for the behaviour shown on SLUG following the
>            LinuxChix announcement.  Ctte to approve before forwarding to
>            SLUG and LinuxChix mailing lists.

isn't it obvious that:
a) with mailing list members as diverse as slug, not everyone is going
   to agree about everything, and
b) opinions expressed on the list are the opinions of the person/people
   who expressed them? 
   (and don't consitute the official position of "slug" etc etc)

[ok apparently it's not obvious but I would've thought it is!
perhaps you had better consider adding such a "disclaimer" to the
footer on all slug posts?]

By all means send a letter if that's what you want, it all just seems
a bit silly and over the top to me.  (is this what happens a loosely 
connected group like slug become all "official"?)


The opinions expressed in this email are the opinions of the author only
and should not be taken as representative of all members of the slug list
although of course those that disagree with me are clearly wrong.