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[SLUG] Large hard drive support

OK I splshed on large harddisk and I want to configure it.  I have the
old Debian system booted but it says:

fdisk /dev/hdc

hdc: driver not present

unable to open /dev/hdc

a)  This has had mandrake 8.2 installed so I knwo the harddrive is
recognised.  I can boot mandrake easily.

(What else to you do with an empty harddrive, pratice installs for the
upcoming EVENT!!!)

b) I booted another kernel as I was fiddling to get lilo reinstalled
(corrupted with my fiddling...) and the 'other kernel' actually managed
to fdisk using the debian booted system.  So I figure it is kernel,  had
a look for something, cant find anything obvious.