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Re: [SLUG] Amavis + postfix|exim + commercial scanner

What about the free Clam antivirus? Finally there is a non-commerical antivirus scannner. I've been watching openantivirus.org since it was plugged on the Amavis list 12 months ago :-)

I use Inoculate 6.0 (commercial) but you can still download the 4.1 unix commmand line version (alpha) from CA's ftp site. Just use the update signatures from the Netware packages.

Luke McKee wrote:

Hi Jeff,

I head from Grant (linuxcare) here was doing postfix|exim antivirus scanners. For about a year and a half now I've had the qmail version running reliably with amavis running under user qmails.

Is it alright if I could contribute anything (like a Amavis - Qmail howto as well) just focusing on the difference from setting up for sendmail/postfix? It does involve a few patches (like QmailQueue) but if your using qmail you would have to compile it anyway (Dan's licensing).

A few people have wrote a amavaisd client in C that behaves like qmailq but never released it - amavis still runs reliable as ever with a non daemonized version of amavis. I might have a go at the c client when I have the time (probably soon).


Jeff Waugh wrote:

<quote who="Lester Cheung">

My plan is postfix + amavis + Mcafee NAI (vscan). Never been using any
MTA except exim I guess I have to spend some time on postfix first.
Jeff: when will you give your postfix talk?

This month: http://slug.org.au/

I've been a SLUG meeting once 2 years ago and thought it was too hardcore
to me. Guess now is the time for me to join the group.

I'm doing mine as an introductory kind of talk, moving into advanced
applications. Not much theory, mainly practical, useful stuff. It will cover
virus scanning, spam killing, etc. as well as basic setup.

Oh yes will you include a MTAs overview?

Hmmm, yes... but it's a humourous one. :-)

- Jeff