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RE: [SLUG] Linux Work place questionnaire

If you are talking about the Solaris team from Excite@Home, I think your
source may be mistaken. I believe everyone from the Solaris team was
"graciously" let go to say the least. Only one person from the Solaris team
was kept temporarily and he sure was far from "inept". The other person
retained had limited dealings with system administration (as he was a
programmer and was retained mainly to support the provisioning system during
migration to Optus "powerful Linux servers"). So far he's also left Optus.

Which email accounts are you talking about? Don't Optus@Home customers get 5
or so free accounts anymore? 


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From: Jon Biddell [mailto:jon@xxxxxxxxx]

>Optus@Home (aka Excite@Home last year) used to run most of their servers on
>SPARC hardware (running Solaris). Since Optus decided to lay off most of
>Excite@Home's IT staff last year, they now run "powerful Linux servers"

Oh, it gets better...

Apparently much of the SUN hardware was not-paid-for (whether on lease, 
evaluation, or whatever). They decided to cut costs, get rid of the 
hardware and most (all except 2, I was told) of the Solaris people, and the 
2 they kept were... "inept" is the most polite term that my informant used 
(who was one of the people let-go).

They ported everything over to PCs running Linux - and OLD PCs at that !!!

Then they canned the free email accounts...

The cheap bastards !