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Re: [SLUG] Can you buy a Woody CD?

<quote who="DaZZa">

> Which is where? On the first disk, right? :-)

On the website. Great docs.

> > Funny thing is, last time I downloaded Red Hat, I didn't realise I *had* to
> > have both CD's. It makes far more sense to me to have the distribution work
> > it out for itself.
> So, if you buy a piece of commercial software and get one CD, you expect
> it to go out and download the second CD while installing?
> This makes sense?

It didn't make sense to me that I'd have to have both CD's - I thought that
the most useful stuff would be on the first CD, and I could put the second
CD in only if I needed to install packages from it. It's backwards from what
you expected (thus funny?).

> > Debian has a very effective system (and package: popularity-contest) for
> > working out what should go on the first CDs.
> I'm not going to get into a pissing contest over whose
> distribution/installation system is best. It's not worth it, and the
> zealots from both sides will be tearing out throats in minutes.

But wait! This is easy: Debian's installer is shite, but they do have a
fancy way of working out the most useful stuff to put on the first CD. :-)

- Jeff

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           device, a point doesn't appear to be necessary." - mpt