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Re: [SLUG] SPAM stuff

<quote who="Pia smith">

> What the faq is happening with all this spam?! :)
> Time to play around a bit more with SPAM assasin people!

SpamAssassin can't kill everything; it matches common spam phrasing and
patterns, but it won't match viruses or attachments, and we can only take
the threshholds down so low without having to moderate all of Craige's email
as well ("APPLAUSE" "LAUGHTER").

The only truly effective way to stop spam to the list is to allow posting by
members only. Unfortunately, that will increase the burden on the moderation
team, and make us harder to reach.

If a lot of people were comfortable with it, perhaps we should try it out.

- Jeff

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                     hacking the net code." - Alan Cox