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[SLUG] Problems with Telstra Cable that have been happening over the last 3 days

Hi Sluggers,
    I was wondering if anyone else has been having trouble connecting to Bigpond cable lately. Since about Thursday I've barely been able to connect. I'm running RedHat 7.1 with the default kernel and I've had cable working since January with the service being down only a couple of times during that time and each of those times I've been able to check the web and see that there was a problem with the network.
Now though there is no problem with their network and if I use my win2k box to connect with their software everything works fine (hence how I am sending this message). One thing of note, and I believe this may be the problem, is that I have had the same IP address since I joined BPC and set it up for linux. From what I've read about dhcpcd this is entirely possible as it tries to use the same IP in cache whenever it query's the server. With the win2k box though each time I connect I get a new IP and this has been over a period of the 4 days of no Linux.
I've tried getting dhcpcd to get a new ip by using the -k option to get it to release the current ip and start it up with the -n option but all it does is make the current ip work for maybe 6hrs then the whole thing dies again. It says it's receiving heartbeats too quickly and that it's discarding and then directly after that it says it's receiving a bandly structured packet and discarding that. At this point, if I was connected, I no longer am and I'm cannot get back on for up to 12 hrs.
I have all my services blocked from the outside yet I still notice multiple attempts to port 80 by telstra cable ip's. n.b. icmp is still allowed since that would muck up heartbeats. The only port allowed to connect from outside is the ip of my dce-server on port 5050 to any port on my box. Of note though, even if I shut down the firewall completely nothing changes.
So after explaining my plight, 2 questions.
1) Is anyone else having issues with bpalogin and telstra cable or is it just me.
2) Is there any way to force dhcpcd to get a new IP? I have read the man page for it and the -k -n two options seem to be the only way but that doesn't work for me.
Any help is greatly appreciated.