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[SLUG] Possible explanation for pppd problems

This may explain some people's problems with pppd failing to negotiate
a working connection.

------ Forwarded message ------
    From: Red Hat Network Alert <rhn-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: RHN Errata Alert: Updated ppp packages available
    Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 02:59:38 -0500

Bug Fix Advisory - RHBA-2002:037-04
Updated ppp packages available

Updated ppp packages are available for Red Hat Linux 7.2.  These updates
fix a bug which hampered interoperability with other PPP implementations.

The version of pppd included in Red Hat Linux 7.2 incorrectly advertised
support for CBCP.  If a peer attempted to configure use of this protocol,
the LCP negotiation and the connection attempt would fail.