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[SLUG] Laserjet 1100 & RedHat 6.2 printing problems

Hello sluggers,

Recently decided to connect a HP Laserjet 1100 to an
old Pentium 100 Rehat 6.2 box that I've got lying around.

For now I'd just like to get Linux to print to it, 
then share it across the network with Samba.

I'm pretty familiar with Samba for file sharing,
but this is the first time I've connected a 
printer to a Linux box, so please bear with me :-)

I've tried to read as much of the Linux Printing HOWTO
as possible, but I find the range of options confusing.

So far I've done the following:

1. Attached the printer, executed LPD daemon
and then run "printtool" under Red Hat 6.2

2. Created an entry under Printtool with the following properties:

Name:                   LP
Spool directory:        /var/spool/lpd/lp
File limit:             0
Printer device: /dev/lp0
Input filter:           *auto* Laser Jet 4/5/6 - No postscript support
Suppress headers:       On

3. Attempt to test the entry by selecting Tests --> Print ASCII Test Page

Printtool confirms that a job was spooled.

And that's about it, no lights blink on the printer
and no further messages appear.

If I investigate the spool directory I get quite a number
of files:

cfA000elvis  cfA004elvis  cfA008elvis  dfA001elvis  dfA005elvis 
dfA010elvis  lock
cfA001elvis  cfA005elvis  cfA010elvis  dfA002elvis  dfA006elvis 
dfA011elvis  postscript.cfg
cfA002elvis  cfA006elvis  cfA011elvis  dfA003elvis  dfA007elvis  filter  
cfA003elvis  cfA007elvis  dfA000elvis  dfA004elvis  dfA008elvis 
general.cfg  textonly.cf

Not sure if I've selected the right filter under the Printtool,
I went with a suggestion from another HP user on a Linux
printing related Web site.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.