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Re: [SLUG] Another place to eat

> - order the water, specify normal tap water, and if they charged for
> it on the bill at the end refuse to pay (just the bit for the water),
> you might have to argue a bit but they always give in eventually (in
> my experience anyway).

They can charge, I think, a MAXIMUM of $0.20 for a glass of water - I 
remember seeing it somewhere in the Fair Trading Act when I was 
studying Law - I'll try to find the reference for curiosity value...:-)

> (not that I've had to do that for a while, charging for water seems
> to mainly be a Sydney thing, in Adelaide it's increasingly popular
> for restaurants to automatically supply (free) a jug of water and
> glasses)

It's a very "American" thing - as soon as you sit you have a jug of 
water and glasses - but then again, Adelaide is slightly (!!) more 
classy than Sydney... Why do you think they have the best Red's in the 
world (Hill of Grace !!!)



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