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[SLUG] X11 forwarding over SSH (with DHCP)

Calling SSH/X gurus!

I am trying to get X11 forwarding over SSH working.

I am using DHCP to obtain an IP and bring up my interface (eth0).

When I SSH to my box, X forwarding works if there is an entry in my
/etc/hosts file that matches the IP of that box (when I use a static
IP).  But it doesn't work if there is no such entry there.

How do I get it to do this dynamically?

I have read a bit about setting the DISPLAY variable to the fully
qualified hostname but can't work out what display number(?) i.e. :10.0
etc.. to use?  From what I can gather, it uses an offset of 10 for the
remote displays.

Any pointers would be gratefully received, as ever :-)


* Simon Wong *