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[SLUG] Open Office availability

Have a look at www.openoffice.org ... If you follow the appropriate links you will find that recent (approved) builds are available from a number of retailers in the northern hemisphere *AT COST* . I dealt with SMB (I think it is) in the UK who sent me a copy of Build 641b. The latest is 641c and the global developer community has voted that the next release
will be designated 1.0 ...

One thing they are going for is increased language internationalisation
and a group of OpenOffice enthusiasts in Hungary a week or two ago marshalled 2-300 language and IT people at (I think) Budapest University to almost completely translate OpenOffice into Hungarian *in three days*. As the website noted, it shows you what can be done if the will is there.


Adam Bogacki.


P.S. I would recommend getting hold of a copy while this window of opportunity exists. I have read elsewhere that SUN plans to evolve to more commercial model in the near future.