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[SLUG] Application rights and access

Hi All,

With the help of a network engineer my Linux workstation can now access our 
Novell fileserver, so I won't tear anymore hair out.  This afternoon I tried 
to run the "ncpmount" function as a user other than root.  But it won't let 
me.  I tried to create an application link to the ncpmount app (located in 
sbin)(I cheated ,I did it in Konqueror) but that would not work.  So I figure 
I have a few options and I would like the some more experienced user's views.

1.  Run as root at all times (not desireable I would think)
2.  Make my user a member of the root group (is this as bad as option 1)
3.  Try to move ncpmount and the ipx_interface executables to an accessable 

Any thoughts or further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards