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Re: [SLUG] Galeon - scrolling with mouse

On Tue, 2002-02-19 at 17:20, Peter Hardy wrote: 
>    InputDevice "Mouse0"    "CorePointer"
>    InputDevice "Mouse1"    "SendCoreEvents"
> EndSection
> Where "Mouse0" is set up as the internal mouse, and "Mouse1" as the
> external.
> The one problem I have with this approach is that, if the X server
> doesn't detect Mouse1 at startup, then it will disable it for that
> session.  I need to restart X if I want to use the external mouse.

Peter, can you tell me what devices you are using for the mice?

It seems on my system that both the external PS/2 mouse and the built-in
touchpad and the pointer-stick-thingy send events to /dev/psaux. 

So if I boot with the external mouse (wheel) plugged into the PS/2 port
with X configured to use the "ImPS/2" protocol and the /dev/psaux device
things work beautifully. 

Now, if I unplug the external mouse the touchpad and pointer-stick keep
working fine. 

The bad news is when I plug the external mouse back in things go haywire
until I switch to a virtual console and back to X, and then move the
external mouse so it sends a signal before the built-in ones. 

Also, if I boot up without the external mouse I can't use X as the
pointer jumps all over the place.

I'm going to try and get a PS/2->USB adapter to try my external mouse
via USB as that should certainly separate the internal and external

However, that will use up one of my USB ports (maybe no big deal) but it
would be nice to know if the others can be set to different devices.

Do you think gpm would deal with this better?

P.S. I have looked at many pages on the linux laptop site but have only
found people's X configs with external USB mice.

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