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[SLUG] ask perl(install cpan-module)

Dear List:
            my perl-script fail  . Lots of kind slug-members provide good openions.
            Let me say first "Thanks very much " .
            Haste makes waste.
            My cpan-module is not well-installed :
    <procedures to install >
    1. choose full_install to install linux ( Redhat or slackware),
        type "rpm -q perl" to make sure it's well_installed .
    2. download Net-telnet-3.02.tar.gz from www.cpan.org  
    3. a.  untar it
        b.  perl Makefile.PL
        c.  make test ------------->pls see tmp.log as attached(that why my perl-script fail )
        d.  make install 
    Could you perl-experts give some instruction ?

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