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Hello Chris,

It's a freebe shop anyways...

www.theexchangeproject.com though it's been renamed to
http://www.oscommerce.com so yea any idiot can put up a shop, but
looking after your customers is what counts.

Best regards,
 evilbunny                            mailto:evilbunny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, February 18, 2002, 1:46:57 AM, you wrote:

CB> Yeah it's a shame. Their site is nice and easy to navigate, their prices
CB> aren't too bad but it really cheezed me off when I waited 2 weeks to find
CB> out my order hadn't been shipped because my credit card was rejected and no
CB> one told me until I called them 2 weeks later. After I finally got the goods
CB> it was the wrong stuff. I called them and told them they sent the wrong gear
CB> but they just told me to send it back at my expense and it will be replaced.
CB> If they put a little more effort into looking after customers then I might
CB> consider buying from them again.
CB> It's a damn shame, that's all I can say.