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Yeah it's a shame. Their site is nice and easy to navigate, their prices
aren't too bad but it really cheezed me off when I waited 2 weeks to find
out my order hadn't been shipped because my credit card was rejected and no
one told me until I called them 2 weeks later. After I finally got the goods
it was the wrong stuff. I called them and told them they sent the wrong gear
but they just told me to send it back at my expense and it will be replaced.
If they put a little more effort into looking after customers then I might
consider buying from them again.
It's a damn shame, that's all I can say.


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Hello Chris,

aussiepcshop.com.au are the last place I'd buy from, I've had dealings
with this company and persons running it in the past and well, you
often get what you pay for is all I can say.

Best regards,
 evilbunny                            mailto:evilbunny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, February 18, 2002, 1:09:16 AM, you wrote:

CB> Yep, I think thje North Rocks markets are pretty good. Was there this
CB> weekend. Scored my self a Sun SparcStation 5 brand new, still in box
CB> all manuals, etc for a pretty good price (for all those Sun fans =op )
CB> Another place is http://www.aussiepcshop.com.au although I had a fair
bit of
CB> trouble with them sending me the wrong hardware...and they took long
CB> too.

CB> --

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CB> On Sun, 2002-02-17 at 00:41, Michael Jordan wrote:

CB> I know this is a bit out of topic, but I am a bit desperate! Can anyone
CB> recommend a place that offers cheap/reasonably priced hardware? In
CB> particular I am in dire need for a hard disk, cd burner and a stick of
CB> memory. 

CB> There are a few markets around.  North Rocks Market,  there is one an
CB> round house UNSW (I think).   You might search the archive for north
CB> rocks on recomendations on vendors at North Rocks there have been good
CB> and bad results.  There is also one at Granville apparently (which I
CB> have never found).

CB> KenF

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