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Re: [SLUG] vfat partition mounted wrongly reported as file system full

At  8:23 pm, Saturday, February 16 2002, Christopher Booth mumbled:
> I am wondering if there is a maximum amount of files that the file system driver can read on fat16 drives ?

That I'm not sure about.

> I'm not sure how to do file count on the drive to see how many files I have.
> How do you do this from the command-line ?
> Nautilus reports 4331 items, totalling 1.4 GB
> the default directory has 166 files 103.8MB
> Any ideas ?
No ideas about the problem, but 'find <path> -type f -print | wc -l' will
tell you how many files are in the directory.
(Yes, I know you don't need -print, but I'm allowed to be pedantic)

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