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RE: [SLUG] (fwd) Inquiry

WordPerfect has been released and withdrawn by Corel for the Linux platform,
thus not requiring the use of Wine. Installation on any Debian based system
is a breeze, Debian, Corel, Progeny etc. Instalation on RedHat or SuSE ....
good luck.


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> On Fri, 15 Feb 2002 13:42:11 +1100
> Tony Prince wrote:
> >I want to install WordPerfect
> > and Star Office in the Linux partition, and for the last couple of
> > months (off and on) have been trying unsuccessfully to do so from a disk
> > that comes with Next Handbooks' "Learning Linux" (which I bought just
> > because it had these two programs on it).
> Could it be you're trying to install binary packages meant for
> Intel architecture onto your PowerPC-based system? They are not
> compatible! I really doubt whether ppc versions of WordPerfect
> exist since I believe it required Wine (an Intel-only
> application) libraries to work - correct me if I'm wrong! I
> haven't heard of StarOffice available in PowerPC version either,
> and I used SuSE for PowerPC (7.0) myself...
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