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Re: [SLUG] Have I destroyed my system?

On Mon, 11 Feb 2002 luke.kendall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Re: [SLUG] How to install about 150 rpms?
> On 11 Feb, Tom Massey replied to:
> >  > Well, I feel like taking a gamble and seeing whether this breaks my 
> >  > entire system or not, so I'll try it.... 
> >   
> >  Um, that may not be a great idea. This assumes that the packages you 
> >  have in your temporary directory fulfil all the requirements that all 
> >  the other packages in that directory depend on. This may not be the 
> >  case. Generally it's safer in this situation to do an rpm -Uvh *.rpm 
> >  and try and fulfil the dependencies that rpm complains about before 
> >  you start playing with --force or --nodeps. Searching on 
> >  <http://rpmfind.net> can often find rpms that satisfy these 
> >  dependencies. As a generality, with an rpm based system, if you find 
> >  yourself using --nodeps or --force, you've probably done something 
> >  wrong. Those options should really only be used, for example, by people 
> >  who've installed the needed dependencies from source and so skipped 
> >  adding them to the rpm database. There are reasons that rpm's have 
> >  dependencies, there are reasons that the rpm program has --nodeps and 
> >  --force flags. Installing potentially unstable software is not one of 
> >  them. Well, actually it is. But only if you're willing to poke at the 
> >  instability until it becomes at least as stable as a badly cooked 
> >  blancmange. 
> Looks like Tom was 100% right.
> I now have a bunch of programs that are running, but almost any
> other program will dump core.  Including things like su or login.
> ldconfig reported that /usr/bin/libglib.so didn't exist, for example,
> so I think I'm screwed.
> Although I'm logged in, and even have a root shell, I suspect things
> are too broken to recover from easily.  Will I have to re-install?
> I'm running RH 7.1; perhaps a way to recover would be to get a RH 7.2
> CD and upgrade?  I also have a Tom's root boot disc, and also one of
> those Linuxcare recovery CD-ettes (v 1.2).  But I'm just hanging back
> from shutting down until I get some advice.
> Pity I hadn't hung back from doing the rpm forcing.  Live and learn.
> Any advice?

You might have some short term luck with upgrading to RH7.2 but basically 
you've screwed it up. It's possibly recoverable but the effort to do so is 
going to be more than starting afresh.

I'd start backing up the data you need to somewhere.  If you have /home on
it's own partition, put all your stuff in there and do a fresh install
with manual partitioning. You can then select which partitions to format 
and simply skip the /home partition.

I'd suggest writing down what's in /etc/fstab (or output of "mount") ,
backing up all of /etc and stuff you want in /home.

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