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Re: [SLUG] contrib sources???

On 2002.02.10 02:37 Myles Byrne wrote:
> Dude, its been gone for ages (halfway through last year) and it ain't
> comin back by emailing slug. Mabe you should try emailing plannet
> mirror.

contrib is not adequately maintained by Red Hat.  Many updated
packages have not been applied.  The result is that installing
packages from contrib is a security hazard, as updates to fix
exploits have not been applied.

Given this, I can't see why a mirror site would make contrib

Some Red Hat staff are establishing an alternative to contrib,
but this has let to fully blossom.

Recent changes to RPM may help you.  You can specify a
.spec file within an archive.  Look to see if the program
you desire already has a .spec file.  If so, building a
RPM package from a .tar.gz file is a one-liner.

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