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Re: [SLUG] Buying a usb connected CD burner

On Mon, 2002-02-11 at 00:38, Andre Pang wrote:
> I was specifically looking for a CD burner for my laptop a few
> days ago, and I came across the Acer CRW 8824MM a few days ago:
>     http://mall.eyo.com.au/cgi-bin/shop/eyo/showall.tam?pagenumber%2Eptx=1&category%2Ectx=Recordable%20%28CDR%29
> The good: It has interfaces to USB, PCMCIA and Firewire.  The
> bad: No mention of Linux support.  I'm getting one soon, so I'll
> let you know how it goes if you're interested.  (I'll end up
> using the PCMCIA interface, and maybe the USB interface just to
> test it.)

That one sounds pretty good, but it you're looking just for a firewire
interface you could do worse than getting the setup I just brought.

Its a 5 1/4" Firewire housing which can take any IDE device.  Its $130 +
whatever device you want to put into it.  The advantage I saw was that I
could upgrade the burner to a DVD-RAM etc when I get one.  Plus when I
want to do ad-hoc data archives I can just dump them on a hard disk via

I got mine from CX in the city.  They do a USB version too - but I
couldn't get that working and since I upgrade the laptop to a vaio
thought I may as well get a firewire version.

I've burned happily at 24x (at least 10 cd's with no coasters).

If you want any info about it, let me know.

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