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Re: [SLUG] [OT] ASX Research Database

go to:


enter eg: cba and do a daywatch quote, when you get to the next screen
click the link for the downloadable spreadsheet format, then just use
wget on that url:

so the example for CBA would be:


this would give me a nice delimited text file, from there parse and
insert into database.

I was using finance.yahoo.com.au for over a year to get share quotes to
mirror on our intranet pages, until I2 got an internal live feed from
comsec. Advantage of comsec feed is it live whereas the yahoo feed is at
least 20 mins old.


Mehmet Ozdemir

On Sun, 2002-02-03 at 14:15, Stephan Borg wrote:
> Hello all,
> Off-topic, I know, but still related to linux.
> I am currently setting up some scripts to read in the ASX stock quotes
> (at least end-of-day) and log them in a DB for research purposes.
> Does anyone know of any existing (free) setups on the net that do the
> same function?
> Don't wanna go re-inventing the wheel!
> Rgds,
> Stephan
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