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RE: [SLUG] routing

On Fri, 2002-02-01 at 10:51, George Vieira wrote:
> You probably find that it's not routing the whole network via the dialup
> device..
> Other words your dial up device only sees X.X.143.YY which is the dial up
> server...
It can actually see of X.X.8.X which is what the DNS, and proxy server
are on so it isn't just limited to X.X.143.X.  I think it just can't see
X.X.104.0-107.255 which is grabbed by eth0 X.X.105.30 for which I had a
default route of X.X.104.1

I have a script which is run after connecting which does this
route del default	# deletes current default route
ifdown eth0		# downs ethernet interface
route add default gw X.X.143.187	# adds new default gw

> in your ip-up.local , try detecting that dial up connection and route the
> network through it..
> route add -net X.X.143.0/24 gw $5   # (or was it $6)..
What do the $5 and $6 refer to, they're variables but where do they get
values from ?
> try that...

I'll give it a go,
> I'd firstly add the route manually and see if that fixes it..
I manually delete the default route and do a
route add default gw
when I have to connect to my local network at home