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Re: [SLUG] Squidguard and other filtering proxies

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002 20:29, David Kempe wrote:
> > Has any one exprience with any of the free filtering proxy servers?
> We use squidguard on a number of sites now. Its works quite well for the
> fairly simple configs I have set up.
> Did you require anything specific to be fixed?

Yes, several Internet centres for youths have turned off their networks 
because they can't stop kid from looking at pr0n.

They spend many thousand of dollars and them decide not to use the equipment.

They even priced Netnanny / Cyberpatrol etc and can not afford the $50 -$70 
per mechine price tag.  I installed 2500 copies of Cyberpatrol a few years 
ago and I would not wish that on my anyone.


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