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Re: [SLUG] LPR - Fatal error - maximum of 1 copies allowed

On Thu, 2002-01-31 at 22:33, Terry Collins wrote:
> Can someone explain to me where this error from lpr might be coming?
> Fatal error - maximum of 1 copies allowed
> The command is " lpr -Php5psa3 -K10 test.ps"

I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but -K10 means print 10 copies,
and lpr only feels like doing one (lazy bugger).

Otherwise, if you have your printer(s) defined in /etc/printcap , you
need to add a line like


to the hp5psa3 definition, as the default is 1 copy (so the man page
reckons anyway).

If you are using cups, I have no idea.

  Malcolm V.

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