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Re: [SLUG] presentation software

On Fri, Sep 28, 2001 at 05:07:45PM +1000, Crossfire uttered:
> Well, a wrap up of what I recall from previous events:
> HTML and browsers were used by both Rebecca and Catie for their talks.
> I've used Magicpoint for my talks, as did Rik when he presented a
> short talk on the kernel, and Michael Meeks also used Magicpoint for
> his Gnome talk.  Rusty was also using Magicpoint during LCA.  (Why?
> Magicpoint is simple, and robust, but it does take some set up to get
> it looking nice).
> Jeff used gimp + gqview as he has already commented.
> K used ekepoint when he first introduced it to us.
> Gus used LaTeX slides.
> Andre used text files (IIRC).
And I used dialog with text files wrapped with a 6 line shell script to
present my talk at the Debian SIG...

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